Educating the Future Generation of African Leaders

In post-Apartheid South Africa, poverty might be a distant memory for a few, but the struggle of that life is still very real for the millions of children living in Kurland villages across South Africa.  These children have the potential for bright futures. Help us build an academy to make a world-class education possible for these children to help them escape this cycle of poverty.

Join us in our effort to:


1. Is Goshen International a 501(c)3 organization and are my donations tax deductible?

Yes!  Goshen International is a registered 501(c)3 organization under IRS regulations and your donation can be counted towards your tax deduction.  Our staff makes it a point at the beginning of each year to send all of our contributors a record of their annual giving.

How can I volunteer with Goshen and or/help in South Africa?

If you would like to have a missionary experience in South Africa with us and our students, you simply need to contact us about your interest and complete the application process.  Every thing you need to know can be found in our GO section of the website.

If you are in the Atlanta metro area and would like to volunteer, you can find more information on what we need and how to do that here.

When I donate, what does my money help accomplish?

Your donation helps us to educate and train disadvantaged children in South Africa so that they reach their academic, spiritual and other goals.  Your gift helps to pay teachers, provide daily meals for students, purchase school supplies and uniforms, and contribute to a number of operational and support expenses necessary to get these students from elementary school to university in the years that we work with them.

Ideally, what does Goshen International need from me to fulfill its vision?

As with any non-profit organization, we rely upon your friendship to fulfill our program goals and activities.  We would love for you become a partner and give a monthly donation of $30 or more. From there, you can become an ambassador by talking to at least 5 of your friends  about our work.  The more partners we can get, the more students we can reach, the more lives we can change!  As a partner, you may want to see if your church would be interested in joining our church partnership program.  You can contact us for more details about that!

What are some of Goshen's biggest accomplishments?

In addition to a myriad of community service activities, enrichment programs, and food drives,  we have served hundreds of students from poor townships in South Africa.  We have developed a unique, rigorous, Christ-honoring curriculum to fill in the gaps in their education and provided them with an opportunity to graduate from some of the best local high schools and top South African universities.


Thank you so much for all you do to make our dreams a reality!  Together, we are impacting the lives of the next generation of South African leaders.



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We are a Christian ministry which exists to provide motivated South African students with the academic, spiritual, and practical support necessary to become effective leaders for their communities.

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We are:

  1. Reaching adults and children with the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  2. Preparing children spiritually, academically, and socially to be future leaders; and
  3. Mobilizing students to excel as Christian leaders in various arenas in their own country and nations throughout Africa.

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