Student Auction Day

The Auction - February 2012 012

As a part of our entrepreneurship program, our students have two auctions a year where they spend the “money” they have earned in our program on small gifts and toys.  Auction time is fun for us as well as for the students, but more importantly, it teaches them lessons on the rewards of hard work, the value of resources, and budgeting.

In order to keep this valuable portion of our program, we often look to partners to help us by donating new or gently used age-appropriate items for the auction. If you would like to become an Auction Day partner, here is a list of ideas to get you started.  These are only a few items that we have auctioned off in the past, please do not allow our list to limit your creativity.  The more creative the items are for auction; the rowdier and more rewarding Auction Day is for all of us!

      1. Balls
      2. Posters
      3. Card/Board games
      4. Books
      5. Inexpensive jewelry
      6. T-shirts
      7. Hats
      8. Miniature electronic games
      9. Most things in the Target dollar section
      10. Stickers
      11. Disney show paraphernalia
      12. Clean Young Adult/Childrens DVDs
      13. Sketch pads
      14. Inexpensive MP3 players
      15. Sunglasses
      16. Cool socks
      17. Book bags
      18. “Best Friend” jewelry
      19. Inexpensive jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc.)
      20. Diaries
      21. Water guns, balls, balloons
      22. Nail polish
      23. Inexpensive make up
      24. Hair accessories
      25. Watches
      26. Interesting ink pens
      27. Art supplies
      28. Crafty things
      29. Legos/Kinetics
      30. Stationery
      31. Chocolate
      32. Jump ropes
      33. Lip gloss
      34. Interesting pencils
      35. Trucks/cars (remote controlled are especially popular)
      36. Candy
      37. Picture frames/photo album
      38. Music CDs


Auction items can be sent to us at Goshen International; PO Box 1105; Plettenberg Bay 6600, South Africa.