The Kids of South Africa


Breaking the cycle of poverty

In order to truly build up a local township into a thriving self-sufficient community, it is necessary not only to meet the short-term needs of adults, but to educate and empower the next generation. Goshen’s initial efforts through the Kurland Learning Center have begun to affect the children of Kurland more positively than we could have hoped. The many who demonstrate positive and teachable attitudes are being blessed with continual biblical teaching as well as an education that will enable them to exceed the accomplishments of their parents. It is truly amazing how God can enable a family to survive and even thrive spiritually in the midst of abject poverty. According to Children Count, a statistical organization in South Africa, there were over 3.84 million orphans in South Africa in 2010.  An increase of 28% from the 2002 data, and that number is continually growing.  For South Africa and Africa as a whole to be able to avoid the downward spiral into utter disaster, the Church must create and support massive efforts to rescue, evangelize and educate the orphans of AIDS and warfare.

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Obviously, it is impossible for an organization to fully compensate for all of the challenges that come with growing up in a developing nation without parents.  The staff of Goshen International understands that these children’s needs are perpetual, and will not go away with short-term intervention; however, Goshen wants to continue to create concrete and Biblical plans for systematically addressing those needs for their long-term well-being.  Ultimately, what Goshen is striving to do is provide children and communities which are stuck in a cycle of poverty and disease with an opportunity for lasting success and improvement.