Early Abstinence Education

walking down kurland street

While the United States and Europe continue to flirt with the myth of “safe sex,” for children in a country with the highest AIDS/HIV infection rate in the world according to USAID, having sex just one time can be a deadly mistake. Condoms are a ridiculous and irresponsible solution to offer, mostly because they are clinically proven to be unreliable in preventing HIV infection. Besides this, they are expensive, not readily available, and culturally disliked. South African children, male and female, must be taught that to avoid pre-marital pregnancy and death, they must not engage in intercourse until they are married.

Part of Early Abstinence Education is actually defining sexual morality and God’s plan for family, sex and reproduction to a generation that has almost no reference point for such truths. After understanding the divine purpose and plan for sex and family, children can be taught why sexual abuse is wrong, and why they should not tolerate it and must report it. Teaching boys and girls to reserve sex for marriage restores the human dignity God created their bodies and souls to deserve. So-called “humanitarian” organizations that seek to sterilize them or push condoms because they deem abstinence “unrealistic” serve only to dehumanize them and prevent the family institution from regaining strength and health.