School Development

On a winter day

To systematically begin to meet the needs of the children (and adults) in a developing nation, we must specifically address several key areas where a proper foundation must be laid with education and training in order to improve the population’s standard of living and cultural values from a grassroots level. In addition to the needs that are generally faced by children in the townships and the lack of affordable academic options for them, South Africa is currently faced with an educational crisis in the ever increasing student population.  The demand for additional schools of high quality is prevalent among all cultures in South Africa.

Together with our ministry partners, we will build a state of the art school which will not only curb the need for us to send our students outside of our area for quality education, but that will also draw talented students from other provinces in South Africa and other countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.  The school that we build together will maintain excellence academically, morally, and athletically.  We do not expect our school to reach these goals overnight, but with a systematic implementation of best practices across the board, our school could be an educational city set on a hill in our region.

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