March 11, 2006 155

As a partner, we appreciate your friendship with Goshen International.  We are extremely grateful for the sacrificial gifts, helpful advice, powerful prayers and great encouragement that you give us.  However, throughout the course of our ministry, we have found that some special people feel a true kinship with the work that we are doing, the children that we reach, and the country we serve.  For many years, we had not known what to call these individuals, when finally it dawned on us to call you what you are: Goshen Ambassadors.

If you would like to take your friendship with our ministry to the next level, consider becoming an ambassador for us.  As a Goshen Ambassador, you will

1.  Have priority access to our latest news;

2. Be invited to our latest events, and

3. Be given all of the materials you need to support and tell others about the life changing work of Goshen International.


For more information, please send us a message in the form below about your interest in taking your involvement with our ministry to the next level.   Together, we can make an even greater impact!

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