About Goshen

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Goshen literally means “drawing near.”  In the Bible, during the days of Joseph, Jacob and his descendants were given land in Egypt to live in to escape famine (Genesis 45:10).  This land was in fact Goshen.  During the time of Moses, the Lord made a safe place for His enslaved people where the plagues would not touch them; again, that place was Goshen (Exodus 8:22).  Therefore, in the midst of their most desperate situations, the Lord made a safe haven for those who were His own, and He proved to them that they were not forgotten in a way that only He could.

Our organization seeks to show the people of Africa and others worldwide that the Lord has not forgotten them.  In the times when they are most desperate, He has made a place for them if only they will draw near to Him.  We want to show these people that although the world is plagued with terrorism, racism, and injustice, the Lord is still in control, and He will send His servants to show them the way to the place of refuge.

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Goshen International was founded to offer a model whereby the lives of children can be improved and a nation transformed–one community at a time. Its approach to ministry is both multifaceted and extremely ambitious, with the goal of not just sustaining these impoverished children in their current living condition, but also uplifting them spiritually and academically to miraculously surpass the world’s expectations.