Why Educate?

kathy with class 5

Education in South Africa is rife with political scandal, teacher strikes and subpar curriculum and development.   Ultimately, while adults fight over salaries, work days and lack of training, students across the country fail to get an education.  This problem impacts students who are the wealthy, but devastates learners who live in abject poverty and have no alternatives.  Goshen International established the Kurland Learning Center in 2002 to give highly motivated township students an opportunity to overcome these odds and realize their potential.  Our academic program is rigorous and demands dedication and time from even our youngest learners.  Each student works hard and is rewarded with the fruit of hard work — opportunity.

The heart of the educational program is not the rigorous academic environment, but its evangelical emphasis.  It is our sincere hope not necessarily to win the war on poverty, but to allow students the opportunity to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to disciple them into Christ-like maturity.  We desire our students to think, live, and act from a Biblical worldview.  A worldview that encourages work, affirms the call on each person’s life to contribute and create, celebrates Godly character, and inspires one to love your neighbor as yourself.

As our students become more educated, they then utilize that education by taking the gospel into various realms of society (business, government, education) and by serving as a light in the communities where they live.   These communities, which are devoid of people who can stand as an example of how to live Godly lives, are now being inundated with students who can exemplify what true Christianity looks and acts like.