Long-Term Missions

March 11, 2006 272

What Can I Do?

If you would like to be a long term missionary with us, we need people to fill the following positions:

  • Teachers (Core Subjects, Special Ed, ESL)
  • Teen Ministry Leader
  • Teen Mentor
  • After School Program Coordinator
  • After School Program Volunteers
  • Homework Center Coordinator
  • Music and Arts Coordinator
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Community Development/Adult Ministry Leader
  • Grant Writer

All of our positions are done on a volunteer basis.  If you are looking to work with us on the mission field, then you would be responsible for raising a certain amount of financial support per month.  We will send you information on how to go about raising support upon your acceptance of a position with our organization.  If you would like, you can download a copy of our Goshen Long-Term Application.

When Can I Come?

If you would like to be a teacher in our program, you would need to be in South Africa by the 15th of January as the school year in South Africa runs from January to December.  Because we like to maintain a sense of consistency with our students whenever possible, we need long-term missionaries to commit to at least a year of work.  If you would like, you can travel during their winter break in July or at the end of the school year in December.

If you would like to apply for the other positions that are offered, a start date is negotiable.  Although we like for people to begin their work with us in the middle January or the middle of July because that is a point of demarcation for our students, we know that time period does not work well for everyone.  Therefore, if you are committing to being a full-time missionary, the terms of your agreement with us are negotiated upon your acceptance of the position.

What Do I Need/What Can I Expect?

If you are coming to live with us for a year, you can expect South Africa to be very much a marriage of the first and third world.  Wherein, you may not be able to purchase the exact American products that you would like, generally, an adequate substitute can be found.  Therefore, we suggest that instead of bringing large amounts of bug spray, toiletries, and toilet paper; you should bring special personal items such as a laptop, special vitamins, particular books or hair products.  If you would like more in depth information about what you would need and other information about visas, residence, etc., you will find that in your missionary packet upon joining with us.

When you arrive in South Africa, you can expect for people to be kind and courteous as you are a visitor to their country.  The people are familiar with tourists, so you will be generally treated with respect.  Although Africa as a whole, and even South Africa, is not always safe, our area in the Western Cape is one of the safest places in the country.  We exercise caution wherever we go, but we believe that you will feel safe, secure, and free to serve when you are with us.

South Africa, particularly the Plettenberg Bay area, is beautiful.  Although we work hard everyday, we are surrounded by white sandy beaches, gorgeous mountains, and the magnificent Indian Ocean.

This is just a snapshot of what you will find in living and working with Goshen International.  If you have additional questions feel free to write us at contact@goshenintl.org.